Dopreser, Ltd. began business over 25 years and these more than two decades of operation has always valued the transparency, professionalism and experience, evolving with the times and adapting to the new ways of being in the market.

Competitiveness, nowadays, is more demanding and that’s why we need quick and efficient answers and there is no room for bureaucracy and inertia.

That’s the only way Portugal can be more competitive, both Nationally and Internationally. At Dopreser all our team works according to this philosophy.

We are well located, 1 minute from Leça Bridge and the port of Leixões, and three minutes from A28.

We undertake the management of the merchandise throughout the entire journey, from the confirmation of departure until the delivery to the customer.

These steps involve a permanent monitoring and the knowledge of all the legal procedures, and that’s why it’s crucial for us to act on time, in a competent and professional manner in order to effectively serve our customers requirements. contact us and prove by yourself.

"Experience and Celerity"
"Quality and Professionalism" "Fair Trade and Global" "Respect for Environment"
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